My Indian Weddings and Bollywood Nights in Tuscany ; Wedding dj in Florence for international Weddings

I started playing Indian Music (mainly bhangra and old indian funky soundtracks) at the River to River Florence Indian Film Festival in Florence years ago because in my records collection i have also indian and bollywood records; In Italy we have acclaimed soundtrack composers like Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani(but also less known but very good composer like Piero Umiliani,Piero Piccioni,Nino Rota,Goblin,Armando Trovaioli..) and a tradition of great and weird cinema like Horror and Spaghetti western films (often inspiration for Quentin Tarantino) so digging music from India and from Bollywood was more than natural…and it was amazing to find incredible and great musician and soundtrack composer as Rahul Dev Burman and Asha Bosle!

Me and an Indian Dancer at a night of the River to River Film Festival

a traditional Hindu Ceremony

at an Indian Party

playing Punjabi Mc at Hotel Sheraton in Rome

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